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Zeldzame Noorse KAJ FAALE 925 zilver viking armband

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Productcode AB128
Doorsnede nvt
Breedte 0,9 cm
Gewicht 29,9 gram
Omtrek 17,5 cm

Ca 1960/70 zeer zeldzame massief zilveren armband, met de hand gemaakt en gehamerd door de Noorse zilversmid Kaj Faale. De armband is gemaakt van 2 dikke strengen zilver welke om elkaar gedraaid zijn en hij is afgewerkt met 2 zilveren knoppen. Hij is gemerkt KAJ 925S NORWAY STERLING HANDMADE VIKING. 


In the mid 1960s the Norwegian woman silversmith Kai Faale Larsen started her workshop, Atelier Kaj, in Oslo. Although the jewelry of Kaj Faale are of high hand made quality, and her designs are well proportioned in a balansed Scandinavian style, her workshop is little known and her jewelry rarely seen.


Many of Kaj Faales designs have a strong inspiration from the early works of Tone Vigeland for the PLUS workshop. They are hand hammered jewelry, and because of the limited scale of production they hold an even higher quality of handicraft than that of the more well known PLUS workshop.


The designs have their inspiration from the Viking age but are clearly modernistic in their forms. Often the collections consist of pendants to be used with the special hand made necrings 'Kaj's choker', and maching brooches and earrings, all in silver or with semi-precious stones.

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